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We’re interested in visiting high schools, colleges, and community organizations to discuss ways in which youth can be empowered to lead healthier dating and sexual relationships.  Such presentations are based on research we’ve conducted for the past 12 years as well as findings from our book. 




Below is a list of presentations we commonly give:


Making Sense of the #metoo Movement: 

Stacey and Kathleen provide testimonials of young women’s and men’s experiences of online and in-person sexual harassment.  They explain how beliefs in sexual stereotypes and youth’s interpretations of media can influence young people’s acceptance of potentially offensive sexual behaviors – everything from unwanted sexual jokes to unwanted sexual touching.  They also explain how individuals interested in empowering youth can use the media to spark conversations about sexual harassment and unwanted sexual advances.


Empowering Youth to Critically Evaluate Media’s Portrayals of Romance & Sex -  

Stacey and Kathleen have significant experience helping youth evaluate media messages related to romance and sex.  In this interactive presentation, the authors and youth view media content and discuss the ways in which the content promotes or rejects traditional gender stereotypes. Youth then participate in the creation of a media messages that emphasize empowerment, gender equality, and healthy relationships.


Empowering Parents to Talk with Their Teens about Romantic and Sexual Relationships-

Kathleen and Stacey have conducted a number of studies on the role parents play in their teen’s beliefs and behaviors related to romantic and sexual relationships.  In this workshop, the authors provide youth’s testimonials about dating, sexual relationships, unwanted sexual activity, sexual harassment, dating violence, and sexual coercion.  They provide parents with tips for using the media as a catalyst for conversations with their teens about these important topics. 



Current Speaking Engagements

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Stacey & Kathleen will be presenting Their Book at “Book People of Moscow”. Moscow ID.

Event: Presentation and Book Signing for “Scripting Adolescent Romance Adolescents: Talk about Romantic Relationships and Media's Sexual Scripts”

Date: Sunday, November 4th, 2018

Time: 2:00 p.m.

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